Seashells and Driftwood
Outer Banks, NC
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Seashells and Driftwood


For the best shell collecting, the Outer Banks is the place to go. Any of the ocean facing beaches in North Carolina will produce nice shells. Shells wash ashore most frequently after major winter storms and tropical storms in summer and fall. Before you begin your plans bear in mind that the winter months with more frequent storms wash more shells ashore. Quieter summer months with gentle surf do not wash as many shells ashore. Also bear in mind that shell collecting is very popular with many of those who visit the Outer Banks not to mention many people who live there. The beach may not be littered with shells for the picking when you are there but with some persistence and planning you can better your chances for finding some really nice shells. Ocracoke is a good destination. After storms is when collecting is the best. The island provides lots of places to stay, eat and with friendly people to make your stay pleasurable. It is a good base to collect from. For more information visit:

The beaches of the Outer Banks are often littered with interesting shells and driftwood. Winter or after storms is time for hunting for shells and driftwood. Each piece of driftwood is unique, so you can’t always decide what to use driftwood for, uses include, art in beach homes, lamp stands, coffee table art, etc. State and local parks may have regulations about removing driftwood.

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