Outer Banks Boil Company
Corolla, NC, USA
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Outer Banks Boil Company


The Outer Banks Boil Company is a family owned and operated business providing the traditional “Coastal Boil” experience to vacationers of the Northern Outer Banks. As former vacationers and current property owners in the northern Outer Banks, we have been creating timeless memories for family and friends by hosting beach boils on the beach in Carova for several years. What first started as a pot on the stove has turned into multiple outdoor burners boiling up potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp for as many as 50+ guests at any given boil. Set up on the beach or on the property; saw horses support a covered sheet of plywood that has become our signature serving station. From the minimal prep and layered cooking process to the final dumping of the pot, this is an event in which everyone can participate and enjoy. Check out our website for more details and booking! Outerbanksboilcompany.com

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