6 Tips for taking better photos at the beach

6 Tips for taking better photos at the beach:

  1. Keep your camera steady, very steady!
  2. Get closer to your main subject, if you think you're close enough...move even closer. Fill the entire frame.
  3. Beach pictures taken in morning and late afternoon look better than ones taken mid-day at the beach.
  4. Make the event fun! People talking to each other, interacting, or doing something are more interesting than posed pictures.
  5. Include colorful objects! Grab a beach ball, beach toys, or get your beach umbrella in the background. Bright & colorful objects will bring your pictures to life.
  6. Many beach pictures come out with sand too bright, and people too dark. Use your flash to brighten faces at the beach, and this also helps to prevent your subject/s from squinting.

taking better beach photos

Well Done! You're ready for the best Outer Banks vacation ever!
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